Serving the people of Kibworth Beauchamp

Currently there are four play areas across the two Kibworth parishes.

Kibworth Beauchamp

  • Warwick Park play area
  • Smeeton Road Rec play area

However, another play area is being provided on the Miller Homes Centurion Place estate off Warwick Road, which, when commissioned is expected to be handed over to Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council, after being given a RoSPA safety inspection.

Kibworth Harcourt

  • Jubilee Green
  • Polwell Road play area

Kibworth Beauchamp Play Areas

Warwick Park Play Area

Warwick Park play area can be accessed from the main Warwick Park, from the pedestrian railway bridge on School Road, The short footpath off St Wilfrid's Close, and the long public right of way that runs from Hillcrest Avenue to School Road.

Smeeton Road Rec play area

Smeeton Road Rec play area off Smeeton Road lies just before the tennis club courts.

Kibworth Harcourt Play Areas

Jubilee Green

Formerly Albert Street Play Area

The green open space behind the village pump in Albert Street was acquired by the Parish Council under lease in 1996. It was officially opened in April 1997 as a Childrens' Play Area and the Parish Council is responsible for its care and maintenance. It is not within the management responsibility of Kibworth JRC.

Situated in the corner adjacent to the entry gate is the village cross reconstructed partly from stones from the original structure, formerly erected in a different location, and which were found scattered about the village. New trees and shrubs have been planted in recent years, and the seats were donated by local residents. Childrens' swings have been installed and the Parish Council has ordered some additional play equipment. Remedial drainage work was carried out in 2001 which was aimed at curing the boggy nature of part of the area.

In June 2002 an engraved stone tablet was installed close to the gate to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and the area was renamed Jubilee Green at this same time.

Residents should note that dogs are not permitted within the area, and that the play equipment is intended for use by children under 12 years of age.

Requests by bona fide village groups wishing to organise events in the Play Area should be made in writing to the Clerk. At least a month's notice is required. It is not possible to hold a closed event of any kind i.e. at no time can uninvited members of the public be prevented from entering the ground, and organisers must demonstrate that they have obtained adequate insurance cover for their function. The Parish Council will consider each request on its merit, and if permission is given a number of other conditions may be attached.

Polwell Road Play Area

Polwell Road Play Area is part of the Kibworth Meadows housing development. It is currently in the process of being the responsibility of Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council for maintaining it from David Wilson Homes.

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