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The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan (Review)

Neighbourhood planning regulations (Regulation 14) require the draft neighbourhood plan proposal to be the subject of a pre-submission consultation before it is submitted to the local authority for independent examination.

All documentation for the review version of the Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan (2021) can be found here. It will then be available as the pre-submission version (Regulation 14) between 15 November and 31 December 2021.

The Regulation 14 process goes live on 15 November 2021. A comments response form can be found below, so businesses, residents and others can make comments on any section of the main document or the appendices.

Although the Plan was made in January 2018 after a referendum, the District Council Local Plan was not adopted until April 2019. Accordingly the two Kibworth parish councils agreed in early 2020 to apply for grant funding to permit a refresh process to ensure all NP policies were in conformity with the Local Plan policies.

The Chair to the Refresh Neighbourhood Planning Group is Cllr. Steve Woodhouse of Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council, and other members include councillors from both parish councils and a resident of Kibworth Harcourt.

The refresh work was begin early in 2020 and it is hoped to be completed during 2021. An initial draft of the final refresh version will be put on the two Kibworth parish council's websites once approved for general release by the Parish Councils. This draft version is now available - see below.

A referendum is again likely to be needed but a date is not yet possible to forecast due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic but won't be until all the local and statutory consultation stages have been completed and independent examiner's conclusions.

Neighbourhood Plan documents (pdfs)

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