Serving the people of Kibworth Beauchamp

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday 27 September 2022 in the Grammar School Hall (Kibworth Community Hub)

New government messages from 10th May 2020

  • 22019 HDC C 19 A5 4pp Letter v4 (PDF, 147 Kb)

    Harborough District Council have sent a letter to every household in the Harborough District which includes information about the Community Hub. If you have not received or had view of the letter yet please find a copy here.

If you need medical help, please use the 111 online coronavirus service.

Please click here for the Government's stay at home advice and here for more general information.

Neil O'Brien MP local coronavirus information webpages -

Harborough District Council Coronavirus information
We want to make sure that the vulnerable people who are isolating to protect themselves from the risks associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19), can get the help and support they need from family members, friends or volunteers.

If you are worried about yourself or about someone else who is isolating or lives on their own, you can use the online Hub to ask for help or to volunteer and help the people who need support over the next few weeks.

Please note that this service will prioritise those who are most vulnerable and in urgent need of help and support:

  • people who are over the age of 70
  • people with underlying health conditions
  • people who have received a NHS letter stating that they are in a priority group
  • families who are struggling to cope

The purpose of the Harborough District Community Hub is to make sure that the vulnerable people who are isolating to protect themselves and others from the risks associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19) can get the help and support they need.

The Harborough District Community Hub has so far dealt with many calls from residents and the system we have in place seems to be working well.

We have been made aware of the great work already happening in parishes to assist the vulnerable in our communities. Please rest assured, HDC are not looking to take ownership of any of this, but we hope we can work in partnership to ensure nobody falls through the gaps.

We understand that you will very likely receive direct contact from those in need within your community and calls may not come to you via the

Harborough District Community Support Hub. If we do receive a request for support via the Hub, this is the intended process:

  • Kibworths Ward Manager (at Harborough District Community Support Hub) receives a request for support by a resident
  • Kibworths Ward Manager checks support groups available within the area the resident lives
  • A referral is made to the support group co-ordinator or administrator
  • The Kibworths Ward Manager maintains contact if necessary
  • If the support group/s are unable to provide the type of support required, the Kibworths Ward Manager seeks alternative options.

We are also here to support you. If you become low on volunteers or you need support with practical things, please contact us and we will endeavour to support you any way we can.

We think it is important to record the amount of support that you are offering to communities so that we can keep improving the support and services we can offer between us all. In recording the requests to your service/support and monitoring this we may be able to help with finding additional support for you, funding pots, etc. At the end of this community response, we hope that there will be lots of learning about how resilient we all are to an emergency situation which will help us to shape future emergency planning for the district.

COVID-19 Mental Health Support - Public Facebook group

NHS - ten tips for dealing with coronavirus anxiety

Official NHS guidance on mental health and coronavirus

Concerns about children and young people's mental health

LRALC information -

Rural Community Council

The RCC is very aware that the volume of emails and information circulating about Covid-19 can be a quite overwhelming at present. Therefore we are focusing on providing information for the rural people, groups and facilities that we support through our web pages. We have developed a specific area which we will keep up to date and will be available for you to access and share as you see appropriate.

You can visit our Covid-19 page by clicking here. Some of our pages will link you direct to external partners such as or NHS England

The key areas on our site are

Dashboard showing reported cases in the UK including new cases and cases by upper tier authority in England. -

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