Serving the people of Kibworth Beauchamp

Cllr John Owst

Cllr John Owst


Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

I moved to Kibworth Beauchamp in 2014 with my wife, our two young boys and our two dogs. Kibworth is a well provided village with a fantastic community, where everyone says hello when you pass in the street, and people are always looking out for each other. This has been even more evident in the last 12 months, and I am proud to call Kibworth my home.

I have worked in local government for many years now and have always been involved in supporting those that need it. I am keen to expand on this and make a difference to members of my community. With the funding challenges faced nationwide it is vital that local communities work together to get the best for their villages, and it is no different in Kibworth. I am motivated as a Parish Councillor and proud to be part of the team, knowing that we share the goal of getting the best for and from our neighbours.

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